Outlet Wristbands


Elastic double sided wristband



Outlet wristbands (Second-rate)

Sometimes production of merchandise comes out faulty or flawed. A second-rate product in this case is a product which is fully functional, but it has minor imperfections such as the placement of the lettering inside the bracelets are not aligned properly and thus doesn’t pass my high quality standards for passing as a premium item. The outside design is flawless but the text inside is not fully centered. If this doesn’t bother you, you can save money on buying a second-rate item!

Outlet wristbands (third-rate)

These items are lower quality that would other wise be trashed. The outside of these wristbands are flawless but the insides text is not aligned and might be printed in weird ways. These bracelets are perfect for the person who is only interested in the outside design which is perfect, and want to save some money. The insides are “unusable” for display hence the low price on these.

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Second-rate, Third-rate