Alpha Dogs

When quality matters!

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When quality matters!

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Alpha Dogs

Making your fursuit dreams come true

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Alpha Dogs

Super Soft Sockpaws

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Alpha Dogs

“Always be yourself unless you can be a fox – then always be a fox”

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100% handmade, durable and double stitched

A Fursuit that’s handsewn and made from only the best materials. Several years of experience ensures that the product you receive is always top quality!

Fully machine washable heads

Each head is machine washable, so you can keep your suit minty-fresh!

No DTD required

Alpha Dogs can create a fursuit for you without the need for Duct Tape Dummies!
Who is behind all this?

About me

Alpha Dogs was founded in 2013 by me and my good friend and former apprentice, Aiko. We started small by selling tails and ears at Danish Anime Conventions but soon joined our efforts and knowledge and started building our own costumes on a regular commission basis. In late 2016 we mutually decided to end our partnership due to different visions and wishes for the future of the company. I took over the company and Aiko now run her own small fursuit building business. We are still the best of friends and enjoy sharing ideas and crafts with each other to this day.

About me

My name is Honey and I am a primary school teacher by profession. I live in a small shared flat in Copenhagen from where I also run my daily life and fursuit business operations. I have a big white German shepherd by the name Flicker which I love very much. He is the company’s mascot too.

I took up fursuit building in 2008 after falling in love with the concept of costumes and costume performing when I discovered the furry fandom in 2007. My vision is to build professional quality, comfortable and unique animal costumes to people around the world to spread smiles and joy wherever they may fare.

What are people saying about us?


Pony Fox
Pony Fox about Alpha Dogs:

Honey has grown from making paws, tails and sleeves to a full fursuit creator from top to bottom in a matter of years.

Being one of her first customers for a full suit back in 2013 I was impressed with both the speed and quality of the product.

Despite being such a demanding perfectionist she patiently fixed and corrected everything I requested after receiving it.

Ever since then the product received numerous (free) upgrades and repairs to keep up with my avid fursuiting behaviour.

Loxy about Alpha Dogs:

Honey cares immensely about the quality of her products and the customer's satisfaction. She made sure I got plenty of updates on my partial fursuit commission. She provided plenty of pictures and short conversations to explain what she was working on.

It really showed that she worked hard to deliver both quality and happiness to the customer.

If you choose for Alphadogs then you're guaranteed: quality, swift completion, superb customer support and product satisfaction.

Fideel about Alpha Dogs:

It all started with a simple tail Honey made for me. That was all it took for me to commission the rest of my partial fursuit.

Since then Alphadogs helped me to bring Fideel to life! Every single part was handcrafted with love and Fideel 1.0 was delivered in time.

After 3 years of heavy use i decided to ask Honey for a little retouching of the head, she ended up giving Fideel a complete makeover that absolutely blew my mind!

I would totally recommend Alphadogs for great customer care, excellent product quality and all the love you deserve.