Commission information

Alpha Dogs opens for commissions approximately 1 time a year and only accepts a limited number of custom projects at each opening. The general turnaround time for these openings is around 1-1.5 years.

All commission openings are announced through this website, the Alpha Dogs Twitter and the Alpha Dogs announcement channel on Telegram. If you are interested in a spot, you’ll need to fill out an application form for a quote. The form is available for 2 days, once it closes quotes will be mailed only to the projects chosen from the application batch. If you are chosen, you’ll be asked to accept or decline the quoted price. I will announce once all spots have been filled so please be patient while I work my way through the quotes and pick my next projects.

You need to provide a clear non shaded/non gradient reference sheet at minimum 2 views that clearly shows the character. Complex designs a side view is required as well

I strongly prefer canine shaped species as I have specialized in this area. Felines, deer, small critters can be of interest as well. If in doubt don’t hesitate to reach out.

Do note I do not offer padding of any kind (digitigrade legs, muscle or chest padding, plush suit padding etc) nor do I work with resin masks, electronics, and wigs. You do NOT have to provide a DTD for your bodysuit.

I don’t ask for any money before I’m about to start on the actual commission but since I accept the entire batch in one go there isn’t a specific work order. Everyone will be in a waiting position until their names are called. I usually work on 2-3 suits/projects at a time and will ask for payment for those about a month before I will make the first suit in the next lineup (to order materials). The average production time is 1 month unless it’s a very complex character. Shipping will be added after the suit is finished. 

During the entire time you are waiting you are welcomed to be part of my Pack which also includes a private telegram chat, access to the parties and other social stuff I arrange during the year like our annual “mini con” called Pack Weekend which is held in October this year. You are free to invite a +1 as well. The Pack is very social and friendly with members from 16 different countries.

The following is a general pricing guide to help you get an idea of the price range for my products.

Please keep in mind: prices vary from project to project and are determined by a lot of factors such as design complexity and features requested. Look at these as a base idea of prices. The listing prices
are in EUR.

  • Full costume*: 7000€ – 9000€+
    Includes head, padded hands, outdoor feet, tail, bodysuit
  • Partial costume*: 4500€ – 6000€+
    Includes head, padded hands, tail
  • Head only: 3500€+
    Balaclava based head made with cast foam
  • Bodysuit only: 3000€-4000€+ (depends on complexity)

*) It’s possible to upgrade partial costumes and full costumes with feet (both indoor and outdoor), separate arms and or leg sleeves, as well as bodysuits for an additional price. I do not offer feet, hands and tails as a stand-alone item. You need to order at least a head or body in order to add these items.