Commission information

Pricing guide:
The listing prices are in EUR. Do note the listing prices are only guidelines. Custom commissions will get a personalized quote.

Full costume starting at: 10.000€ – 15.000€+
Includes head, padded hands, outdoor feet, tail, plantigrade bodysuit

Partial costume: 6000€+
Includes head, padded hands, tail

Head only: 4500€+
Includes 1 set of magnetic eyelids, 2 magnetic tongues

You can always request to upgrade your suit with more/new parts (this also includes premade suits).

Good to know:

  • Commissions open approximately every 2 years
  • No payment will be requested before your commission is up and ready to be worked on!
  • No body padding/digitigrade legs, moving jaws, 2D eyes
  • No DTD required for bodysuits
  • A contract will be signed between customers and Alpha Dogs before any payment is made.