Alpha Dogs was founded in 2013 by me and my good friend and former apprentice, Aiko. We started small by selling tails and ears at Danish Anime Conventions but soon joined our efforts and knowledge and started building our own costumes on a regular commission basis. In late 2016 we mutually decided to end our partnership due to different visions and wishes for the future of the company. I took over the company and Aiko now run her own small fursuit building business. We are still the best of friends and enjoy sharing ideas and crafts with each other to this day.

About me

My name is Honey and I am a primary school teacher by profession. I have a big white German shepherd by the name Flicker which I love very much. He is the company’s mascot too.

I took up fursuit building in 2008 after falling in love with the concept of costumes and costume performing when I discovered the furry fandom in 2007. My vision is to build professional quality, comfortable and unique animal costumes to people around the world to spread smiles and joy wherever they may fare.